Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Wednesday # 1

Today I'm linking up with Shanna by way of Courtney

1.  Shanna, if you're reading this, I do not understand what I'm supposed to do with that html for your icon.  LOL.  This is why my blog is also incredibly simplistic.  Anything fancy on it was done by Tasha, who has had three other blogs since leaving this one...
2.  I keep seeing fancy straws all over Instagram.  They are incredibly cute but I will not be buying them.  If you would like to, though, here they are (I'm a complete enabler):
3.  New York Fashion Week starts soon (Feb 7, I believe) and I am ready to see all the fabulous outfits Olivia Palermo is going to be putting together.
Here she is yesterday in Switzerland:

4.  Every time I wash my hair, I am amazed at the amount of hair I lose.....Some day, I will take a picture of my non-flat-ironed hair so you can see how much I really have.  It is every hair dresser's worst nightmare.
5. Is it Thursday yet?? Is it Thursday yet??  I've been saying this since last Thursday at 11 pm ET when Scandal ended. Such a great show. 
6.  I have a confession to make:  up until a month ago, I had never watched How I Met Your Mother.  I am guessing it has always been on on Mondays which has historically been Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelor/Bachelorette time for me.  No more.  I only flip to ABC on commercials now.  I have watched all of Season 7 (thanks Hubs) and am ordering the rest from Amazon.  Had it not been for WGN, I would have never realized what I have been missing over the last 8.5 seasons. Such a great/funny show. 
7.  Currently obsessed with salads containing cucumber, tomato, pecans, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette.

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