Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rembering Kidd Kraddick

Shortly before bedtime last night, I started hearing word that radio and TV personality Kidd Kraddick had passed away.  I immediately thought, "This has to be a joke".  Sadly, it was not.
I moved to TX in the 8th grade, waaaay back in the early 90s.  I listened to Kidd Kraddick every morning on the way to school.  Later, when I had my own kids, we would listen together every morning.
We moved from TX a few years ago and were so excited when we found out the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show was broadcasted in Savannah, GA.  We listened every morning in the car and I usually would listen more once I got home via the I Heart Radio app.
My story is pretty much the same as anyone else's...  Over the years, we have come to think of Kidd (Kellie, J-Si, Jenna, and Big Al) as our friends.  We feel like we know a lot about them.  Today I remember Kidd as an amazing father to Caroline and a champion of kids, military members and families in need.  I pray for his daughter, radio family, friends, and listeners. 
Our mornings won't be the same without you, Kidd.
Rest in Peace.

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