Friday, October 24, 2014

Last Weekend

I am so excited that it is the weekend!!!

But, first, last weekend...
My birthday was Tuesday so my Mom came up to hang out Saturday-Monday.  

We tried out Butcher & Bee in downtown Charleston.
You can see my Grilled Cheese (with broccoli!) and my Mom's french toast here. 
The food was good.  We had to sit outside because it was packed inside.  Very cute place.  I will definitely go back to try the Veggie Plate and other items on the menu.  My only complaint was that there was a long blonde hair wrapped around my pickle.  No, I didn't complain.. For some reason I am super observant and always manage to find things in my food. Sigh. So unless it's a big bug or something that looks like bodily fluids, I will usually not say anything.  Ha.

We all went to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch on Sunday.  The kids had a good time walking through the corn maze and petting the animals in the petting zoo.
Here's me and the husband:
 Can you tell that my eyes are closed?!  Haha someone insisted we take the picture facing the sun.

I don't think I've mentioned it on here, but we adopted a puppy from a local shelter a few weeks ago.  Her name is Bailey and she is the sweetest lab mix evvvver.  Here she was the other day cruising in my son's booster seat:
She is a nut!

Anyway. Back to the weekend.  We stopped by Trader Joe's and got these:
Yes, I've already eaten almost all of the top row.  They are sooo good.

My mom made me a German Chocolate cake for my birthday so I've pretty much been eating that for breakfast all week.  I didn't do anything exciting for the birthday because my son had football practice and my husband had to work.  I did get some gift cards and a couple of things from J.Crew though so it was a nice day :)  I am def looking forward to some shopping!!

Speaking of shopping, I have almost had my hands on this scarf TWICE now.
So depressing.  Lol. I like a challenge though so I might be stalking Target's site every few hours to see if it is back in stock either online or at a local store. ;)

What are y'all up to this weekend?  We have my son's last football game (thank goodness, this season has been a beating) on Saturday.  Hopefully we can get downtown and try out another restaurant since the weather is going to be nice!

Hope y'all have a safe and fun weekend!!

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