Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Letters

I have seen some other bloggers do a weekly letter thing...not sure if this is a link-up but I gotta do one 'cause I need to vent!!

Dear Security Guard,  
Yes, I am aware there is a parking lot next to the school.  Are you aware that there are only 8 spots?  That is why I, along with several other cars, parked in the field.  The same field that people have been parking in all week.  The one that doesn't have a "No Parking" sign anywhere.  Oh, that was only allowed on the first day of school??  Interesting.  Again, I did not see a sign (or a memo) about that.  So you can pretty much suck it.

Dear Manager of Forever 21,
It's funny that you posted a "Please do not shop this rack" sign on the two racks in the store that had the best stuff.  Don't worry, I didn't shop it and I probably won't come back there for awhile either.

Dear  Throat,
 What is your problem?  Don't you know I am going out of town this weekend?  Why are you hurting??  I am going to gargle Listerine every 30 minutes to kill whatever the hell is going on back there so get ready.

Dear Facebook Friends,
I could really care less about your political opinions.  I'm hiding everyone (don't care what party you're voting for) who posts 24/7 about politics until after the election.

 Dear People Bitching About That Show Stars Earn Stripes,
Yes, it is sooo horrible (sarcasm!) that these celebrities are doing a show to earn money for charity.  I'm guessing you donate lots of money every year to all the charities that will be getting at a minimum $20,000, right?  Didn't think so.  As a military wife, I am disgusted by you.  To the celebs, thank you.  I hope people are watching this show and remembering that members of the military (US and others) are dying and getting injured in Afghanistan and I hope maybe some of them will donate to the causes that the celebs are representing.

Dear People Reading This,
I know there are a couple of ya!! :)  Thanks for letting me vent.  I hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!!

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