Monday, August 27, 2012

Short trip to FL & an Emma Stone outfit

Good Morning!

Well, I got both of my kids off to school this morning. My daughter started 5th grade and my son is in Pre-K.  He has never been to daycare or preschool so it should be interesting!  He did not cry or anything so that's good.  Several other boys were sobbing and/or screaming for their moms and my son looked at me, covered his ears and said, "It's too loud here!"  HAHA.

This past weekend we took a short trip down to Jacksonville to see some family.
We spent most of the day at Neptune Beach.
Husband and son in the ocean.  
My daughter, niece and nephew.

The current was soooo strong and the surfers (first time ever seeing surfers there) were managing to catch some decent waves all because of the storm (Isaac) that was then in the Caribbean.

If you have never been to downtown Jacksonville, it smells like coffee 24/7 thanks to Maxwell House being produced in the city.  Smells soooo good.
We didn't explore too much, but we did go to the big fountain across the river from Jacksonville Landing:
Husband and me

We also grabbed dinner at the Pizza Palace in the San Marco area.  Very cute little area with shops, restaurants and bars. 
Anyone ever been to Jacksonville?  Got any recommendations for my next trip down there??

Now to Emma Stone.  How cute is this outfit???
Loveeeee it!!

Have a great day y'all!!

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