Monday, March 24, 2014

Exploring Charleston #1

We have been living in Charleston for a little over a year now but have not even begun to really explore the city.  There are so many places I want to visit and restaurants I want to try.  My mom was in town this weekend so we did a little walking around and tried two places on my to-go list.

 We happened upon the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist while walking around.  My kids said it was 'creepy'. I thought it was very interesting and the stained glass was pretty amazing.
 I always see some of my fav Charleston area bloggers posting pics on Insta from Kitchen 208 on King St.  Finally got to try it.  There was a loong wait for food but it was pretty good. I had the Turkey Shoot.

We then headed up King Street to try Christophe Chocolatier which located off King on Society.  We tried the Opera Cake:
 and several macaron.  The one below is coconut.  It was delish.
 What are your favorite restaurants in Charleston?!  Anyone know of any good Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants here??


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