Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer TV

While I may be counting the days until Scandal, Castle and Brooklyn Nine Nine return to TV, I have still managed to find some shows to get hooked on this summer.  Here's what I'm watching:

The Bachelorette

I have read all of Reality Steve's spoilers but I still gotta watch.  Guilty pleasure!


I finally got caught up on Housewives yesterday.  It's painful to watch Shannon.  I like former Miss Kentucky, Lizzie, a lot but she probably doesn't have enough drama to stick around for long.

Okay, my husband totally makes fun of me for watching this show...but then I look over and he's all into it (just like Bravo's Southern Charm... mmmhhmm).  I got hooked on this show awhile back because I totally have an online friend...  Y'all...we "met" when we were 17-18 through his college roommate, who I was dating...  Josh would let Dale use his AOL instant messenger to talk to me (lol). Despite living 4 hours apart back then, we never got around to meeting each other.  This year we both turn 35.  We have stayed in touch all of these years through occasional texting and now on Facebook.  Crazy, right?!

Master Chef
I love Gordon Ramsay.  Love, love, love.  I really enjoy this show because I suck at cooking.  I tend to learn something every time I'm watching...  I'm also hoping Master Chef Junior starts up right after this one ends, like last year. 
This show makes me cry every time.  Chris and Heidi Powell are doing some awesome stuff here.  I like to think that somewhere, someone sees that they can transform too...not just physically but mentally.  Last night's show was an emotional one.  I love that Chris and Heidi are so invested in the people they are training.  They seem like they really care.
Can you tell I'm all about the "reality" shows??  Hey, it's summer! :P
What are you watching?  

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