Friday, February 6, 2015

five on friday


Bravo released a trailer for Southern Charm the other day. There are a lot of people here in Charleston that hate the show, but I am not one of them! HA! There is way more drama than Housewives and I get to find out about local restaurants that I've never been to.  Last season they went to one of our favs, Taco Boy, which was super exciting.
You can check out the trailer for season two here.


Obsessed with this new Simply Southern shirt I got at Palmetto Moon the other day.


Back in November, I won a $25 credit to Made by Maru on Auteur Ariel blog. I finally got around to ordering these White Opal Studs the other day.  Opal is my birthstone so I was pretty happy to find these. Also, super fast shipping!


My son has been playing Mario Kart 8 a lot lately.  He finally talked me into playing by letting me use the game pad (I can't play with the little remote...I'm all crashing into walls and stuff)....and now I'm obsessed.  I sat and played for an hour yesterday while the kids were at school. My son couldn't figure out why his rating had jumped up to 1609... because Mom is awesome and kept getting first place while you were gone. Mom is also incredibly humble. ;)


I finally caught my girl Bailey sitting in my son's booster seat again. Look how big she is! She weighed 27 lbs when we adopted her and now she's up to 55+.  I never wanted a big hairy dog but I loves her so much. 

Hope y'all have a great week!

I'm linking up today for 5 on Friday with darci. april, christina, and natasha!

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