Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Bachelor, Ep. 5

This is a couple of days late buuut can we just talk about Episode 5 of The Bachelor, please?!
First of all, I really like Chris. A much better Bachelor than Juan Pablo (I stopped watching his season after the first couple of episodes).
 I kind of felt bad for him watching this episode because he seemed to be getting played by some very manipulative girls but first, let's talk about his one-on-one with Carly.


That is all I got. We just sat there with our mouths wide open, looking at each other and going WTH?! Ha.
Also, did you know Carly is Zach's sister from Des' season?

Jordan tried to come back in this episode and Ashley got all Regina George about it. Whitney's reaction made me really like her (though I already liked her after the wedding crashing).  

Britt got all emotional when the other girl read her date card about the sky being the limit because of her fear of heights...but then was all smiley and skipping when she saw that they were going on a hot air balloon.  Did anyone else call BS on this? I know people with fear of heights and they can't even get on a plane without being sedated. 
I liked how they showed clips of the girls talking about Britt wanting to be single and not wanting kids...and then showed Britt telling Chris how she wants 100 kids.  Why would you lie?  Oh, right, because you want to be famous.

The end of the episode dealt with widow Kelsey who said her story (the one of her husband dying while walking to work in 2013) was amazing and that she loved her story. If you don't watch this show, please find a clip of her saying this.  Her facial expressions are disturbing.  I also find it creepy how she could tell her story to some of the girls without shedding a tear but then was all kinds of emotional telling Chris.  

Poor Chris. I hope he figures these girls out before it is too late! 

What did you think about the episode?

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